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    with a ukcat of 760+ band 1, 9 A*s and an A at gcse, which would be better to apply to? I'm replacing liverpool with one of these to avoid PS heavy unis, and I know I have a decent chance of interview at both so considering area/uni/nightlife and interview to offer ratio which would be more sensible?
    thank you!
    If you want to be broke then St Georges if you don't want to be broke, Leicester. Leicester v London - so different it's apples and oranges time. St George's is all medical related students, Leicester is all types. St George's is tatty and Leicester is brand new.

    (Original post by xxxsbxxx)
    also would southampton be a good choice?
    Definitely, they are arguably the most UKCAT heavy uni so you are guaranteed an interview! I'd imagine London nightlife may be better than Leicester, but more expensive too. I would go for Leicester if you don't go for Southampton, I prefer it.

    (Original post by xxxsbxxx)
    thanks!! would you personally prefer leicester or southampton? (I realise I have to make this decision myself but it's so hard! leicester is about an hour away from me and soton is 3 hours so there's that too)
    If I had a great UKCAT score I would probably be going for Southampton, unfortunately I'm not in that position! I just love the city, it just seems to be busy and thriving and Southampton is quite high in the league tables if thats something that matters to you. You would get an interview at either so if I were you I would look definitely look at the course structure, see which you prefer! Do you prefer a city/ the accommodation of one? maybe compare success ratios on medic portal university comparison tool?? You're in a really good position, you can afford to be picky! I may be applying to Leicester though with that being said, in the hope my GCSEs make up for my UKCAT!
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