Aversion Therapy and Token Economy Therapy

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    Can someone help me with this questions as a i struggle with answering questions relating to PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS
    Discuss practical implications of using aversion therapy and tokeneconomy systems to change unwanted behavior.

    If you (a 16 yo young adult) manage to wash yourself thismorning, I'm going to reward you with a token that you can trade in for some chocolate.

    The problem is that it's very patronising and can be seen as unethical as it tries to change behaviour to become more socially acceptable. (you can go days without washing if you want, it's society that shuns you for being stinky). Also, it only works if you're living in an institution. Nobody will reward you with tokens at home. So when patients leave institutions, they stop doing the desirable behaviour because they can buy the chocolate without washing.

    Aversion therapy is shown in the movie clockwork orange quite well. The character acts out violent crimes and has no remorse doing so to try and change this he is strapped to a chair in an experiment and injected with "vitamins" that is actually an injection that will make him feel sick. He's then made to watch countless films of homocide, violent acts, genocide etc and will begin to associate those actions, with the feeling of nausea.
    After several weeks, whenever the character witnesses violence, he begins to feel sick. It's a form of conditioning.

    What's wrong with this? It's unethical. It was used to treat homosexuality when it was considered a mental illness not long ago.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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