What kind of questions will be asked on the Kreb cycle?

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    I think I could answer questions but I'm not sure because I haven't practiced.

    1. How many molecules of ATP are generated by one cycle of Krebs?

    2. Questions on no. of carbons at beginning (pyruvate = 3C) or other stage (end: CO2 = 1C)

    3. Where it cccurs: stroma of mitochondrion

    4. Substrates and products.

    From practice questions my teacher has thrown at me:

    A) Here's a diagram, name substance x y z
    B) How many ATPs/Reduced NADs have I made
    C) Where does this happen?
    D) [Insert lengthy description about a specific thing that inhibits something] How would this thing affect x part of the cycle/the cycle as a whole
    E) [similar to D] Why is x thing not happening bad?
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Updated: October 21, 2016
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