When to start university?

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    Hello all!

    To give you a brief outline of where I am at the moment, I finished school in 2015 and in January began an apprenticeship in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Specialist Schools and am doing my placement in a Special Needs school which I absolutely love and know that this is 100% the thing for me and what I want to pursue in life.

    Here's the issue...I am due to finish my course in February and I have decided that I would like to study at Northampton University and do their degree in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion because quite frankly it sounds brilliant and suits me because it is all coursework and no exams. I spoke to the Principal of the school last week and asked about doing the degree part-time and being employed as a Learning Support Assistant part-time. She said that I'd need to wait until I am employed by them (if they decide to take me on), however, they generally prefer to employ staff full-time (which I completely understand) but I know a few staff who do work part-time. The Principal also said that if they did take me on, they would suggest I apply for university for 2018 rather than next year.

    My question is - do I apply for 2017, crack on with my degree as a full-time student and then go back to the SEN school to work and possibly do my teacher training there (they have their own course where you go to lectures on day-release) or do I wait and see if they allow me to apply to study and work part-time, therefore allowing me to study and earn? The thing is, I don't want to risk them saying no, I can't work part-time and study in 2018 and then regretting not just getting on with it in 2017 but on the other hand, the experience at this school is amazing, it's totally not just about the teaching and I feel like I would be stupid to leave as the jobs there are highly competitive and I have been so lucky.

    Basically - what would you do?

    Many thanks in advance!
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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