My girlfriend wanted a breakup

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    Although this was my third relationship, I treat it very seriously. I am 18 this year. First and second happened at 14. I would classify as puppy love. And this was my current girlfriend's first relationship.

    We had been with each other for 2.5weeks. Although the time may be very short. But I really love her. She meant a lot to me. She gave me inspitation and motivation to move foward. I foresee the future when I am with her.

    She asked me : Am I the better than your ex?
    I said : "you're incomparable. Irreplaceable now and always"
    She said : how do you compare.
    I answered : I do not really compare but I appreciates everything you did for me.

    And then she starts typing "okay" repetitively. And she seemed to be angry. Then she asked for a breakup.
    Help me please. I don't want to break up with her

    Its not meant to be. You're only 18, move on and find someone else

    2.5 weeks is literally nothing.. I don't know how you can feel love in that time and see a future and 18 aswell.. move on

    Your girlfriend sounds quite dense if she wants a breakup over that. She probably wanted to do it anyway because no one asks "am I better than your ex?". Break up with her.

    Wowowowowowow.... are you sure you're 18?

    Why would you think you're in love after 2.5 weeks? And what exactly is a 0.5 of a week? 3 days? 4?

    This whole situation is so dumb. You girlfriend sounds really petty and silly and maybe she's breaking up with you to see if you'll chase after her? Which tbh, is bad too.

    Idk mate, find yourself a sane girlfriend.

    And if you don't want to break up, chase after her, that's probably what she wants.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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