How do I study for resits?

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    I didn't fail, I got a low B and I want an A* in A2 so I'm resitting to increase my chances. I generally had good subject knowledge but the way the questions were worded always threw me off. How should I revise ? Past papers?

    for AQA a-level chemistry i was able to go from D to A only because i resat all of AS chem. But i didnt make AS a priority. I made A2 a priority. By december, make sure you can cover a lot of A2, majority of it whether it be sciences or a social science like sociology or psychology. You see the thing is, if you can understand a lot of the A2 you will find AS a lot easier.

    Once you do your A2 mocks around January/early Feb then do significant AS revision too here and there. But always remain consistent with A2. Treat every mark from each paper the same high commitment, even if its AS. All the UMS count and at the end of the day you will need every ums.

    Also for A2, have a more open mindset, one where you want to challenge yourself to knowing the content in depth. Never shy away from asking the teacher for help and always remember the hard work will pay off for you if it is meant for you. If you dont get it after hardwork then I promise you, it was meant to happen and that there is something better waiting down the path.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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