my computer is a server HELP

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    so i just found out my computer is a server, like my user. how do i turn it back to normal?
    i have no idea what i've done to make it a server....
    i dont even know what a server is, my friend told me that he found my user and told me it was a server.

    help please


    It seems your friend doesn't really know what they're talking about. A user can't be a server. A server is a powerful computer (often far more powerful than an average desktop) with all sorts of functions like hosting websites, file sharing, networking and so on.

    A user can't become a server because that makes no sense. A user profile on a computer cannot become a piece of hardware.

    If you're trying to say that your entire computer has been turned into a server then that is theoretically possible but it's not as simple as just accidentally pressing a button. You can't just change a standard PC into a server like that. You' need to install different software and do a lot of configuring to get it to work.

    Judging by the general lack of understanding your friend has I'm assuming it's something completely different. Your friend has seen your PC on a network and thinks it's a server for example. Or some sort of application is treating your computer as a server for some purpose. Or your friend is just playing a prank on you.

    Unless you have some bizarre home networking setup your computer cannot act as a server, as your router/modem works as a firewall, denying incoming traffic. At worst your PC might be sharing files over the local network (i.e. to others connected to your wifi/router), you can disable this though - search Google for how to do this.
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Updated: September 26, 2016
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