Farming work experience?

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    Really struggling to find farming related work experience.
    I live in Greater London and happy to travel anywhere in the UK as long as accommodation is provided but opportunities near me are limited.
    Does anyone have any names/numbers/contact details for good placements they have done?
    I'm wanting to study agriculture at Harper Adams the year after next.

    The Vet Med forum tends to have good advice about this sort of thing so have a look there.

    Try wwoofing uk.

    Try wwoofing. I've done it before and the experience has been excellent.

    You could look locally for market garden cooperatives. They are normally very receptive to taking people on. Organic Lea is one example in London.

    The NSA releases a list of available farming (lambing) placements every year.
    It's mostly lambing, but many farms will also require help with other animals and general farm maintenance stuff.
    Most vet students tend to use it, I've been using it for 2 years now and all of my placements were amazing.
    The list is not up yet, they tend to start posting ads mid October.

    Most places offer accommodation and food for free.
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    Thanks all for your help
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Updated: September 28, 2016
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