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    Mine warfare specialist
    Naval airman (aircraft handler)
    Supply chain logistician

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    I was wondering if anyone has any more info on these roles which they could give me:
    • Mine warfare specialist
    • Naval airman (aircraft handler)
    • supply chain logistician

    also which one do you think would be best

    (Original post by oneday18)
    I was wondering if anyone has any more info on these roles which they could give me:
    • Mine warfare specialist
    • Naval airman (aircraft handler)
    • supply chain logistician
    also which one do you think would be best
    Google is your friend

    I think there's a couple of people who use TSR who are in or have been in the navy who might be able to give you a bit mroe information too.

    As for which role is best, well, that depends on the individual. You've posted three very different roles, which will all have different aspects that appeal to people. If you're trying to decide on a role which interests you the most? Do you have the right qualifications for the roles you're looking at? Have you considered if any of them would be useful to you in the long term?

    Apologies for draggin up an old(ish) thread but having served 13 years in the RN i thought i'd chip in some info.

    Mine Warfare - Technical hands on job, if you end up serving on the smaller Mine counter measure vessels then you'll be part of a small close knit crew. Options to serve ashore too. You probably wont know right now but if you get seasick then you may want to avoid this role!
    NA(AH) - Marshalling and directing aircraft. Also trained as fire fighters (everyone in the RN is trained in firefighting) but the chockheads run and operate the fire stations at Yeovil and Culdrose Air Stations, as well as act as fire rating onboard ships during flying stations.
    Loggie - You work as a storeman, not sure what else can be said about that haha. Unlike some trades in the navy, you can pretty much be based on any ship/sub or base. As part of Logistics branch you will generally have secondary duties such as Fire/first aid party.

    Worth noting that the RN has the new QE class carriers soon to join the fleet in operations (well prob not 'soon' but you know, in the future!) so this will be the first time the navy will operate fixed wing flying operations since the Harriers were binned. Therefore exciting times ahead for potential Aircraft Handlers!

    If it was me and those 3 were my only choices then i would have to say Handler (with MW a very close second).

    Hope this is of some use to you!
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Updated: November 12, 2016
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