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I need help in improving my cv as I cant seem to find a job anywhere. im 16 so looking for a part time job somewher and I think there must be something wrong with my cv and need to see if theres anything I can add to it?

my cv:

personal details here like my number and email address etc.

I'm currently studying BTEC Business at college.
A highly ambitious individual with excellent communication skills and a good background in customer services.
I'm skilled in dealing with problems in a resourceful manner and I'm always willing to learn new skills. I'm a self-motivated, organized, mature, responsible, reliable and friendly worker. I'm able to work in a busy environment and produce high standards of work. I can successfully carry out instructions and build a good relationship with colleagues.
Personal strengths, qualities and skills:
• Experience in working alongside people in a different profession
• Friendly and professional first point of contact
• Ability to deal with various forms of communication i.e. telephone, e-mail or face-to-face
• Build a strong rapport with colleagues
• Ability to respond to time frames and deadlines with pace and accuracy
• Able to promote through effective marketing strategies
• Work effectively within a team as well as individually
• Understand and work towards meeting personal goals and achievement
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrate good leadership skills and management qualities.

Hobbies and interests:
I enjoy playing sports like football, basketball and badminton; also, I like to play video games with my friends. I’m interested in fashion and love going shopping.

Work experience - August 2016 (Sonic Cars)
• Doing administration work and being responsible for taking customer bookings
• Informing drivers quickly when they needed to collect customers.
• Dealing with issues and solving problems to keep customers satisfied.
• Answering phone calls
• Updating computer records

Work experience – July 2015 (Prince Albert Primary School)
• Building a rapport with the children
• Making sure environment is clean and tidy
• Supporting children to complete tasks/work
• Prepare and present displays of children’s work
• Being flexible and providing help where needed, e.g. cleansing of equipment etc.
Education and qualifications
Grade C in Maths and English.

references here from previous employers.
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I’ve written CVs for myself and some friends but have no real expertise so take advice with a hefty pinch of salt.

I think this is a really good CV in many ways. Bear in mind it can be hard to get a job at the moment, although hopefully there should be more opportunities out there leading up to Christmas. Don’t give up, apply to anything and everything! If you have time to spend a couple of hours volunteering at something (e.g. charity shop) this can boost your CV.

I love how thoroughly you’ve highlighted your personal strengths and what you can offer. I think it’s important to link some of these to “proof” as anyone could say this stuff! Personally I would keep my favourite/ most important bits in a “Personal Statement” bit at the start (only a few lines) and then try to link some of the other important bits to other areas of the CV, e.g. “Work Experience” or “Hobbies”. I’ve given some examples below. I haven’t included lots of your points, not because I don’t think they’re good, I’ve just left them for you to work in You could also add a "Key Skills" section for anything else you want to add/ emphasize, but keep it short and snappy.

It might be an idea to include a cover letter with your CV just giving a short introduction into why you want/ think you’ll be good at that particular job you are applying for. Include a “thank you for your time” bit.

You’ve only got limited space and even less time/ attention from whoever is reading so don’t put in anything that doesn’t further your cause. I’m not sure the video gaming bit is relevant so I might delete that.

I’ve rearranged a bit into what I think is the order of interest to an employer.

Overall, make sure it is clearly laid out. Use headings and an eye-catching but professional format. No more than one side of A4.

Just as an example...

Personal Details

Personal details here like my number and email address etc.

Personal Statement

I'm a highly ambitious individual with excellent communication skills and a good background in customer services. I am currently studying BTEC Business at college with a future aim towards _______. I'm skilled in dealing with problems in a resourceful manner and I'm always willing to learn new skills.

Previous Work Experience

Receptionist (?) at Sonic Cars- August 2016- (if you were here longer than one month put start and end date as employers like to see commitment if possible)
• In my role of receptionist I was responsible for answering calls and taking bookings. I was a friendly and professional first point of contact for customers.
• The administrative role helped me to develop excellent communication skills through various methods, i.e. telephone, e-mail or face-to-face
• I was able to deal with high-pressure situations and resolve issues promptly to keep customers satisfied.

Classroom Assistant (?) at Prince Albert Primary School- July 2015 (as above)
• As a classroom assistant I was responsible for____
• My excellent communication and interpersonal skills allowed me to build a strong rapport with the children.
• Flexibility was essential in this role to support the children and provide help where needed.
• I worked effectively within a team as well as individually to prepare and present displays of children’s work.

Education and qualifications

• Maths and English GCSE- Grade C

Key Skills

• Problem solving
• Excellent written and verbal communication
• Customer service skills
• Self-motivation and ability to take the initiative
• Ability to work well under pressure
• I.T. skills including experience in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
• Punctuality and time-keeping

Hobbies and Interests

• I enjoy an active lifestyle and play many sports such as football, basketball and badminton. These pursuits allow me to work effectively in a team whilst also challenging myself to improve and achieve my goals.
• I’m passionate about fashion and my interest in shopping gives me a good background to working in the retail industry (if this is the sort of thing you’re applying for).


References here from previous employers.


Just some suggestions. Hope it helps!

ETA: Try the Advice on applying for a job/ CV help forums here on TSR. They might be able to be more help!
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Forget the hobbies and interests. Keep the personal statement short, concise and to the point that is relevant to the role you're applying for. Use keywords to highlight skillets.

If you make a claim, back it up with how you reached that claim. Give examples. Again, keywords and short, concise and to the point. Do this for each employment listed.

References on request.

Add your contact details, availability etc. at the top.

The order of sections should be: contact details, personal statement (or current skills and experiences), links to profiles/portfolios, employment history, education history, languages (if any) and references section.

Study the job spec and then tailor the CV accordingly with the keywords. If you state something that you have or are, back it up.

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