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    completely shocked that the English department have made a complete disaster of the start of my English degree, lessons should have started today and I have not been given my timetable, not been allocated to any seminars and for those that have been given timetables, incorrect room numbers have been listed. Called at the office very concerned only to be told to leave my details and they will get to me as they are very busy!!!! For £9000 I think it is reasonable to expect small things like my timetable being ready prior to the start of my studies! Not making a very good impression on me right now 😢

    I just started my postgrad course here (different department) and there's been a few issues that I've been having as well.

    Some suggestions:

    - have you tried going to the office in person? You'll likely get a quicker answer
    - are you sure you're enrolled correctly? I'm not on my course and I'm missing tons of communications from the uni at the moment
    -try finding someone on your course to make friends with, they may be able to keep you up to date if the problem is unique to you (I've done this and it's been invaluable)
    -the advice centre in the union may be able to help you (or at least give you somewhere to vent) they have a drop in from 11-3 or you can book an appointment
    -try and remain calm and polite, you'll get more help that way! If you want to complain find the appropriate channel first.

    If you've only missed intro lectures then don't worry! Firstly, intro lectures are pretty unimportant in my experience and secondly a lot of Cardiff lectures are recorded so once everything is sorted out you'll hopefully be able to catch up with anything you've missed.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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