Leave in S5 or S6?

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    My name is Anna and I'm 17 (born in June 1999). I am currently taking 3 highers and 2 national 5s:

    - Higher Health and Food Technology
    - Higher Drama
    - Higher English

    - National 5 Mathematics
    - National 5 Hospitality

    I am interested in pursuing a career in the food/business in relation to consumers or hospitality (hotel management). I am wondering if I should leave at the end of S5 since i'll be 18 or leave at the end of S6 (19 nearly 20) due to me moving around many countries the school systems held me back a year.

    The S6 subjects, I believe will not help me in pursuing my career choice. I would be interested in pursuing a gap year and getting work experience/internship and then going to college. I don't know what to do.

    Any advice? Is graduating high school at 19/20 strange or should I try and leave at 18? Does anybody know any colleges/internships/universities in the UK that are good for any of the subjects I mentioned?


    Leave. What do you mean by food/business in relation to consumers. Do you mean retail? If you want to make a career in hospitality I recommend going straight into working then build yourself a career. Be prepared to move around though if you actually want your career to advance, that's both in location and even companies.

    If you are wanting to go into the food and drinks business on the wholesale and foodservice side then send us a msg.

    I'd leave if I were you, as there isn't really much point as I doubt many colleges etc., will be strict on requirements for that certain course in terms of Highers and stuff but I am not 100%. I recommend just gathering work experience and possibly going to do an internship and/or college. A gap year would also be really good I think as if you were to travel, I am sure many cafes and the sorts will be looking for just short-time staff. I'd do lots of research into a gap year and try find funding as they can be REALLY expensive and college. Good luck
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