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I used to love reading, I love books but the last few years I have had anxiety and low mood and my concentration has become rubbish. I've hardly done anything I used to enjoy. I'm starting to get back into some things a little, although I still feel like 'I can't be bothered' a lot. I can't seem to choose one book to pick up and even when I try, I start but don't finish a book and I can't concentrate. I have a lot of books stacked up waiting for me to read and there are new ones I'd like to get but I need to read some of the ones I have first. Part of me also thinks it is a waste of time, you can just watch the film or look it up or procrastinate. Has anyone been through something similar? Does anyone have any tips for how I can get back into it and enjoy reading again and read lots? Thank you
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I have. What helped was realising that I spent so much time on my phone so I do actually have concentration. They're both forms of escapism but I find reading more relaxing whereas being on the internet tends to be just one endless mind map and keeping my brain really busy with thoughts and speech

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