Why is it so hard to make new friends? Watch

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Hi! So this is my first post and I have 0 idea what i'm doing.

Basically, I'm 21 and i've come to realise I only have one proper female friend. My issue is that during most of my education I was rather shy/lacked confidence so I struggled making new friends at the key time in your life where i guess you would make them!

However, since I've started working I now have gained a lot more social skills and confidence. It's just, I work in a workplace full of lots of nice people, who are lovely but who have quite different hobbies/interest/lifestyles? to me, or are male (which is so fine, but I really could do with a female friend!)

How on earth do I meet new friends now i'm out of education and all my few current friends are doing things with their own lives?
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Gym or volunteering seems to be the easiest options

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