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    So this girl moved in a few days after us and has been in her room pretty much all the time, she came out with us once but you could tell its because she couldnt say no and seemed so shy.

    Just wondered if putting a note under her door letting her know if she wants anything to let us know and its perfectly fine if not, is weird or not.

    Any advice?

    If you are a girl thats fine, watch it if you are male just in case she thinks you are coming on.

    Maybe you can do more things as a house? Lots of threads on TSR from people who are suffering anxiety and loneliness. You go the right balance of inviting but not being too pushy.

    Food, DVDm trips to the pub , cinema or day out etc. I think she will appreciate knowing the offer is there.

    Do film nights as a flat or watch a TV show and invite her out to sit with you guys

    it's really nice you're thinking of her... you can see from the threads on here how many people are in her situation and miserable/struggling and their flatmates just ditch and ignore them

    I would go one further, one of you knock on her door (whoever is most approachable/quiet) and say you'd all really like to hang out but don't wanna push her and ask if there's anything she would like to do e.g. would it be cool if you all had a pizza and movie night? played some board games? say it's always fine to say no but you'd like to keep inviting her to stuff

    then just knock on her door if you guys order food/go get coffee/go shopping etc and just ask if she wants to come casually, she may say no a lot but at least she will feel wanted and perhaps might join in when she feels more comfortable
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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