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    I'm a month into a MA Political science degree in Germany. I love the city, feel like in making fun friends having so much fun than what i was doing before etc. But i have a big problem..

    1) I'm honestly not smart enough...this is the first time ive acedemically felt not good enough. I went to a former polytechnic uni, studied English, and graduated 3 years ago. I'm not just feeling over-welmed, this is a top ranked uni think ucl/lse...i feel like i might either fail or get bad grades( i do all the readings etc). Trust me when i say, i know nothing compared to my classmates. I stay slient during discussions cos idk wtf is going on!! I do quite enjoy the subject and i do work hard its just not enough...

    2) I did this to get a job...apart from internships and temp/ p-t graduate jobs ( which i was pretty good at and quite enjoyed) i wasn't able to get a decent job. Im now not so sure this will help already running out of money and kinda feel doing a 6 month intern. Would've helped me more ( it took me ****ing ages to save for this..).

    3) i don't just want to thinking of really trying hard to find a job (i havent looked for ages) and quit if i find a half decent one ( i.e support worker in bristol earning £20,000).

    I don't like feeling so stupid (i know im not, i just dont want to wait and then fail) And its ruining my confidence. It would be a personal acheivement to finish, idk how much it'd help though since i want a job working for a charity/local government etc.

    I know you'll say what'd you execpt its an MA etc. But usually i do fine acedemically, and hoped i would now so took a chance...

    So, should i try really hard to find a job in england now or just grit my teeth, work hard and try not to fail?!

    (Original post by small.littlefish)
    grit my teeth, work hard and try not to fail?!
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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