Severe depression and binge eating

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    I'm 25 and have had issues with my weight all of my life. I suffer with compulsive eating and binge eating. My life revolves around food and it effects how I feel. I've always been big, and was bullied for it during my childhood and teenage years.Food has always been a comfort for me. I have managed to lose 3 stone (42lb) on two separate occasions (2010 & 2013) purely through eating healthily, although I did develop some slight anorexic tendencies but nothing to the point where I would have classed my self as anorexic. Both times I have gained the weight back as my binge eating has been triggered off again and lost all movitatation.For the past 6 months ish I have completely lost control Of my diet. I'm constantly tired and lethargic, severely depressed and anxious, so don't want to cook, and have lived off take aways pretty much everyday and chocolate every day. I'm completely addicted to junk again.As a result I'm almost back tommy highest weight. My anxiety and depression has me completely fixated and obsessed with food, looking at different diets and so on. I'm thinking about cutting everything bad out and going cold turkey. I have considered slimming world as this allows chocolate etc in moderation,, however if it's in the house I will binge on it. Calorie counting makes me very obsessed and I will restrict for a week and binge for a month.. I feel so confused with all the different diet plans as some recommend things like coconut oil and even full fat milk or cream etc and others say don't touch dairy or only have fat free dairy.Please help me, my life is being wasted to my eating and weight issues, I don't know what to do. I've had counselling etc but nothing seems to help. My next thought if I can't get a hold of my diet is paying to go private for surgery..
    Thanks for reading xx

    Well, I have no medical knowledge, but would it help to get control of your depression first and let the diet follow?
    If you started to get interested in something apart from food to comfort you during the rough stages, then you might turn to that first.
    I know people who have a cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits when they're low but then they always watch the same videos obsessively, or go for a long walk/run listening to the same music.
    I am probably talking a lot of rubbish, but I wondered if you need more interests and excitement and exercise to take away the importance of food.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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