Chances to get a Top Msc (in Management or Finance) ??

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    Hey guys,I'm new here, hope u all doing great !
    I need some help about my application to Msc in London, I've got some strenghts in my curriculum but also some week points, and I'm wondering how this could affect my choices.Here's my profile:

    - 25 yo foreign (non Europeen)
    - Engineering preparatory classes
    - Top Engineering school in my country (Economics Statistics & Finance degree)
    - Msc in Finance at Paris Dauphine University in France (Top Asset Management Msc in France)
    - Several Internships :
    *2 months in Customs
    *2 months in a Central Bank
    *6 months in an investment bank
    - 1 year apprenticeship as a Quantitative Analyst at Top10 worldwide Asset Manager
    - I'm actually working as a Quantitative Financial Analyst in Top Asset Manager in my country (1 Year )
    - I speak fluent French English Arabic Spanish
    - GMAT 700
    - Toefl 105
    - Strong knowledge in Mathematics, Financial Markets, Asset Management... I know some programming languages ...

    But here's THE THING, unfortunately I've got low grades after high school. The problem is that the final grades in my country's schools are not that high (due to some correction methods and so ..) .. I could have 12/20 and still be among the top 50% or so .. But still my Marks dont reflect my skills, I' ve always done pretty good in my professional experiences.Another point is that I've got good and very good marks in main finance and economics courses.Anyways, What I wanna do is to switch from Finance to Strategy Management, I'm ready to quit my job and undertake a Msc in Strategy or Managament in Top Unis and BS. I'm also open to do a Msc in Finance (More like Investment banking, Corporate, Financial Economics than Quantitative or Market Finance) .. But my priority is Strategy.What do you think ? What Msc do you think I should be applying to ? I'm interested in LSE LBS Imperial Oxbridge Cass UCL .. But I need to know those were my low marks could be kinda offset by my degrees, Gmat, and professional experiences ..Thank you so much guys !
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    Anyone ? Please ?

    (Original post by Katzak)
    ......... !
    I suspect you've got no chance for Oxbridge/LSE, but only an application will test that suspicion. Universities don't usually ask for school level results for Postgrad application. If they do, they know what the general standard/scoring system in the country is - you can check their website, most describe grade equivalencies at undergrad level, so you can get an idea of the academic standard.

    You've already got an MSc and a decent GMAT score. Once you've got 3+ years work experience (not clear from your post - you may have this already) look at doing an MBA. That would be a logical way to switch from finance to strategy.

    Yeah, i echo poster above -- go for an MBA program. You do have a shot at Warwick, Imperial and Manchester Business School.
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Updated: October 14, 2016
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