What are my chances of getting admitted to ETH Zurich?

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    I’m going to graduate in Polytechnic of Milan in Bioengineering, one of the best engineering school in Italy, I have really high grades indeed my academic career is quite excellent and I did internship of a month in a famous regional hospital.

    A dear friend of mine had been admitted with a scholarship even though his profile was a bit lower than mine.

    I’m applying for a MSc in Bioelectronics. Obviously I'll try to improve my CV but I have to apply in December so there is not much time left.
    I'll also try to get 3 academic references (at least 2 are required).
    What do you think? Is there something useful I can do? Have you any experience in applying for ETH Zurich?

    (Original post by Dipok Hossain)
    ...What do you think? Is there something useful I can do? Have you any experience in applying for ETH Zurich?
    Hi , good luck for the entrance. I know a girl from an Italian school who has just started the undergraduate entry this September at ETHZ. She's also a doing biomedical degree.

    I think, simply, that you just have to carefully do everything required for the application. The Swiss entry requirements are exactly as written down. My friend received a (positive) reply within 24 hours of filing the last document for the application!

    Perhaps you could improve/practise your language skills, if needed? Although much will be taught in English, German will be the social language at ETH. Have you already been to the hill in Zürich where ETH is based, just below FIFA & the Zoo? It's a great city, quite expensive, you should consider how and where to live should you be successful. I'd probably live in one of the smaller villages, with a bus connection to the hill. If you havent been there yet, then I'd suggest a day-trip by train from Milano. (maybe using a supersaver offer if you can find one on SBB.ch)

    I thought the applications for MSc opens on 1st November - in Swiss culture its always a great idea to do things as early as possible
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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