I hate my life right now.

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    I feel guilty about making this thread because it will makes me sound ungrateful about everything, but i will go ahead with it, knowing it will make me feel better in the long run.

    Since, i was born i have known suffering and child poverty(yes in the UK).

    I am now 18(female)and don't know what to do about my life and pretty much regret living-why be alive only to know poverty?

    My mum(houswife for many years) and dad are on benefits(ESA) and In the past, we have been tossed to and fro since we could not afford dececent accomondation.

    On top of that, my mum has been diagnosed with mental health which has a stigma attached to it in my family/African culture.

    They just don't know what mental health is and what the causes of it are, i guess its ignorance. I can't help but feel so sorry for my mum because of the ignorance she has to deal with everyday, even by my own dad.

    No one understands what my mum is going through.

    Housewives, should get paid for what they do, i credit her for ALL she has done for me, despite her mental health issue.

    Education wise, i have not been the best and the most ambitious student which still hurts me because back then and even now, i feel like my back then career plans have been ruined.

    As a result of this i have had limited A level options and decided to opt for BTEC(in second year now)

    I am now an aspiring nurse, and hope that i can change my family history of unempoyment into something great.

    However, nursing is underpaid and my dad sees nursing as a "dirty" job which won't give me the comfortable lifestyle that i want.

    He wants me to reach nursing PHD level, only for respect and for me not to be doing the "dirty" work.

    Maybe he is right, maybe nursing is "dirty" work but i would like to make a holistic difference, especially to little kids, not at my own expense though.

    Having said that, i do want to comfortable lifestyle and cater for my parents, especially my mum who has been through a lot prior to her being signed on benefits and her mental health diagnoses.

    I know money is not the answer but i just can't hep feel that if i got good GCSE'S then did A levels, got good grades and then went off to uni to be a dentist or lawyer which were my back then aspirations

    Please tell me that nurses in the UK, London, earn a decent wage for them to live comfortably?

    I guess i am just lost in general and scared of poverty, my family and my own future.
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    I don't want to be stuck on benefits like my parents but i lack the motivation to do well in my BTEC, go uni and get a decent nursing job.

    I feel lie my parents being unemployed for such a long period of time, has influenced me to be stagnant and not ambitious.

    Well, you are 18 so you have time which is more valuable than money. Its up to you, to fix things because things can only get better aslong as you give it 100%. If you feel demotivated remember that there are people dieing who would beg to be in your position.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I don't want to be stuck on benefits like my parents but i lack the motivation to do well in my BTEC, go uni and get a decent nursing job.

    I feel lie my parents being unemployed for such a long period of time, has influenced me to be stagnant and not ambitious.
    The way you have written this post shows you have brilliant english skills.
    Srsly I'm not joking tho.

    Part-time jobs can pay very well.

    Other than that at least you know you're not doing as well as you want in your btec

    You can do it.
    I know it might be of little help to you, but I've been in a very similar situation myself.
    My mum has bipolar, and throughout my whole life my family were dependant on welfare.
    We have a responsibility to break the mould of our social class and to make a better life for ourselves and families.
    Get inspired again and put your all into your BTEC, but don't live for your dad. You deserve this.

    emmm...... i like money
    hope it makes you happy
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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