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Right, I'm gonna put my hands up right now and say I am 100% the bad person in this situation. Basically I have a really flirty friendship with a guy; I haven't known him very long (6 months) but he is literally one of my closest friends and I love him. But as a friend. For a while, it looked like we were going to end up in a romantic situation but I just didn't think it would work and as hard as I tried not to be a superficial jerk, I just wasn't attracted to him. I feel like I should have just cut him off there and then, just because I knew even as friends we would flirt and that could send mixed messages. My friends advised otherwise given that he and I have told people big secrets and I owe it to him to be there for him. I expressed my concerns to him and he assured me that even though he still had feelings for me, he didn't care if I didn't feel the same way or even if we continued the way we were. Though I thought this was bs, I wanted to continue being his friend not only because I enjoyed his friendship but because I feel like it would have been selfish to cut him off at that point. A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with him and I just broke down over a personal matter (which I of course won't share); I shouldn't really have shared it but I was in an emotional place (I later informed him, as much as I cared about him, it didn't mean our relationship had changed because I told him) and was weak. In my ********ting state I said I loved him as a friend to which he replied he loved me too. Then about a week ago, I drunk dialled him and absent mindedly ended the call with "love you bye". A couple of times since he has ended our conversations with "love you bye" where he hadn't before. What am I supposed to do? I've got myself in such a mess. Do I have to cut him out completely
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Cut him over the love you bye texts?

Time to sleep
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