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Hey guys

I started university almost 2 weeks ago, I was excited to (finally) be doing something I enjoy and something I'm good at and at first, everything seemed fine despite the fact my course (Computer Network Technology) is very intense.

I developed Generalised Anxiety Disorder about 4 years ago and it took me 2 years to recover fully. I recovered by distracting myself with things I enjoy such as gaming and writing computer programs.

Although I can say I have recovered, for the past few days I've been waking up to feelings of intense dread and fear and occasionally panic attacks. Sometimes I have them in class or even when I'm in the kitchen with my flatmates. I've joined a few societies, I have a good group of friends and I'm only a 20 minute train journey away from home so I have the option to see my family and boyfriend regularly (note: I haven't done this recently as I want to settle into uni and not become homesick).

Cab anyone give me any advice on whether this might indicate my anxiety disorder is returning or any ways I can prevent these things from happening?

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You recovered by "gaming and writing computer programs"? Don't give me that. What exactly were you anxious about if that was how you got over it, imo doing stuff like that only increases anxiety
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I have panic attacks and anxiety surrounding a specific phobia, to me it does sound like your anxiety is coming back, but there are things you can do about it. I've been on beta-blockers since my diagnosis but I've also had a few therapy sessions and currently I'm trying to combat it through physical exercise and breathing exercises, you can try things like this too if it's becoming a big problem. Don't be afraid to talk to a doctor about it

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