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(Original post by osamabinfishing)
Currently studying maths, biol, chem, ICT, and Welsh bacc but the workload is troubling me at the moment
Ideally I'd have not done the Welsh bacc in the first place, leaving me with 4 decent subjects, but as it's 'compulsory' now, I've a bit of a dilemma
My choice at the moment would be to drop ICT, which would technically leave me with 4 a levels, but the validity of Welsh bacc when applying to certain, more competitive universities/courses (I hope to do chemical engineering) concerns me. I guess I imagine it as if I'd be at a considerable disadvantage applying with 3 subjects and 1 unnecessary, 'soft' subject, as opposed 4 solid ones.
I realise that most entry requirements for chem eng courses only state 3 A2 and not 3 A2 + 1 AS, but it's clearly a competitive course so it worries me that my application might be put off a little because of the weaker 4th A level.
In short, it'd be ok for me to drop ICT, right?
Sorry for going on a bit
Would appreciate anyone's input, cheers!
Universities are much more interested in applicants who perform well over 3 A levels than those who struggle to do well over 4. Drop ICT - it isn't going to be much help for chem eng anyway - and work hard to get good predictions and great grades for your remaining 3 A levels.

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