Does Being Put Down Put You Off Too? Watch

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I thought I could write a little something, just to get a point across.
I'll probably have people criticise me but I do not care anymore.
I've been hearing so much this week, reading so much about people being told that they can't do anything with their lives.
That they are useless.
That they are meaningless.
That, they will never amount to anything.
And it's honestly the stupidest thing, and angers me so much when I hear somebody tell others that. What gives you the right to say that to another person? To another human being? What gave you the power to be able to dictate whether people will become successful or not? This is such a problem in our generation, that others feel the need to put other people down, whether it is through their insecurities, or through their times of hardship.
We do not put other people down, we haven't got the right to tell somebody that THEY CAN'T DO SOMETHING. We just simply do not possess the power to do that, because we ourselves are not perfect. We, as individuals, will never ever be perfect, we will never be flawless. But the only way we can become better, is to be cut and shaped by the hardships of life.
A diamond becomes a diamond after coal has been cut and shaped.
And that's the same for us.
We all have the potential to achieve, to obtain our dreams and smash goals that excite us beyond our wildest dreams. Why should we wait, for external opinions and criticism from others who don't understand your dreams to shoot us down? When this is our lifetime, it has our name on it, there's nothing they can do about it. We should not wait for somebody to tell us to not do it, we should already be getting it done. But when they do tell us that we can't do it, we should rise up, together. We should work together, support each other, and prove to everybody that you are worth unlimited potential.
Because why should I waste my one and only lifetime, living it to the expectations and opinions of others? They have their own life, and I have mine. And I will succeed. I will do what has been written of me.
Because in life, we don't get out of it what we want.
We get out of it, who we are.
And usually to find out who we are, we have to go through a process. But every single time...the process is more important than the product, because the process signifies what YOU as a person, as a developing character finding themselves...had to go through.
We are born twice in this lifetime.
Once when our Mother gives birth to us.
And once when we realise our purpose in life.
Don't back down anymore. Don't be afraid anymore. If something excites you, chase it. If a topic interests you, master it. If life inspires you, dominate it.
Find out your legacy, and once you know what it is...leave your mark on the world.
God Bless.
Viva Emptiness
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I don't think it's so much out of malice as it is the existential realisation my generation has had that we aren't special snowflakes, chances are we can't do whatever we "put out minds to" and essentially, we are all totally meaningless.

I don't think a generation has ever had less will to live, and I'll be damned if I let the one after me have one either.

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