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    Hi guys , I am currently doing my Python A453 CA on the GTIN-8 code task , but I am struggling with the structure of my documentations and how I can include everything to get a very high mark. I found an example online but my teacher said that it is was old and would only be the maximum a c/b for standards now. So has anyone finished the CA and got high marks , and can share their work
    ( doesn't have to be the same task ) or has an example from last year ?

    Thank you.

    In short, you need to produce documentation for each task that matches the mark scheme, so six sections

    The Problem
    copy and paste form the Task sheet

    Your Analysis
    What do you understand to be the problem, what would be your Success Criteria for an acceptable solution, number these. For Example:
    1. Solution interact with the End user in a friendly way, using their name
    2. Solution allows the end user to run itself again without the need to relauch the program
    3. The solution doesn't crash when Wrong (erroneous) data is entered
    Test Plan is also offered BEFORE ANY DESIGN. This will include test data that when used while the program is running to give an expected outcome. Number these tests, also indicate which of your success criteria each test will be demonstrating has happened. Test plan would ideally include NEW data.
    N = Normal test data that normal end user would put in. Solution should work properly
    E = Extreme data, data that is on the boundary of acceptablility, again should handle this as for normal data
    W = Wrong. This data is so wrong that in an exam OCR expect you to use the work "erroneous data" to get the marks! Data of this form would ideally be trapped and not crash the solution. Tests using this type of data will show validation routines.

    Algorithm Design
    written either as a flowchart, numbered list of steps or pseudo code (or all three depends on what your teacher/marker demands)
    list of key variables that you think would need to be used, what type of variable they are and an example of their value and why they are needs
    For Example:
    fileToRead used to identify the text file that needs to be read in

    The Development Story
    A screen shot by screen shot with short sentences to explain what the images represent that show how your solution came into existence. This at the top end will not just be a top to bottom rewrite of your pseudo code into your preferred language, but rather a build based on what is the most demanding aspect of the problem, solve that first.
    For Example if the data manipulation is the tough part, start your code of by declaring a variable with a set of data that being hard coded means when you systematically test your little bits of code, you don't have to keep typing in the test data every time only to find out that you have a logic error or a step that includes a typo in a variable name. Also include extra print lines to show what is happening to your variables whilst you are developing the solution, these can be removed (or commented out) once you are happy everything is working as you expect.

    Take each of your numbered test, copy and past, then add screen shot of your solution using the test data that was stated in the plan.
    If it is as expected, great, next test, if not then why not = comments and the corrective action to your code (if appropriate) then a retest to show the solution now produces output as expected.

    Paste in your numbered Success Criteria, have they all been met? If so where is the evidence, hint kink to your numbered tests.
    Any other comments that are added here would be future improvements, reasons why a particular SC has not been met. (what would happen if you just deleted this SC from the analysis?!)

    Now that the first task is completed, save your work!! then repeat these six steps for the next task, and finally the last task.

    The key element here is not to try to program the code straight away, get your head around the problem, if you were working by hand how would you solve it. Now you understand what is needed then it is easier to try to code it.

    Hope this Helps you (and anyone else searching for support this last summer of Controlled Assessments...
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    Amazing answer , thank you for your time.
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