Why don't we have a TripAdvisor for everything?

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    TripAdvisor promotes good customer service. Hotels/restaurants know people check it before they decide where to go, so they usually try to avoid a bad review at all costs by providing good customer service. Hotels/restaurants also tend to engage in a customer service drive if their rating is pretty poor.

    I don't understand why TripAdvisor hasn't developed something for everything: shops, universities, employers, etc.

    Unless you're buying something really expensive, customer service matters very little in stores... There are plenty of uni rankings and review systems out there...

    Employers would be useful though

    On a similar note, you can review your uni now with TSR! :ahee: Take a look here. :woo:

    There's already one for employers and it's called Glassdoor.

    Google Reviews for shops probably...

    Universities...TSR? :lol:

    TripAdvisor is mainly aimed at tourists or people who regularly travel hence the name.
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Updated: September 28, 2016
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