Biology or Biomedical?

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    So I'm changing my programme of study from Biochemistry as I was lead to believe it was mainly a biology course when in actuality it is mainly chemistry, at least at Hull and I'm not entirely sure on what I want to change to.
    I'm thinking Biology as it covers more areas than the others however Biomedical also sounds appealing to me as do many of the others such as zoology and Ecology.
    I was hoping you guys could potentially give me some info on what each of these course would be like and how they differ and the what the end prospects of them would.
    I'm really stressing out that I might make the wrong choice and really need some advice

    You'll have to look into it at your university (look at the modules and talk to current students?), but at my university Biomedical Sciences is all of the human biology and Biological Sciences is everything else with very little human biology (although we do a lot of genetics and pathways, we don't specifically learn how the liver works or anything like that).

    Unless human biology is your favourite part or you would like you go and work in an NHS lab (if the Biomedical Sciences degree is accredited) then I think Biological Sciences is the better option because you will learn about a wider range of topics. You can then go and study a Masters in the areas you like best to specialise later on (if that's what you want to do). I will stress though if you want to go and work in an NHS lab in the pathology labs you need an IBMS accredited Biomedical Sciences degree. You can go on and do an accredited Masters, but if you know that's what you want to do now you may as well do it from the start.
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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