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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a second year English Literature home student, I currently commute 3 days a week to uni (though for the next two weeks I have to go in four days due to extra-curricular things I'm involved with) with a 1.5-hour journey from front door to uni campus. And the journey wouldn't be so long if it weren't for bus travel from station to campus, which is about as long as the 40min train journey!

    At the moment I feel a bit bad about my commute - not because I hate it, I actually quite enjoy it - but because everything I've read is really harsh about it. I think if I could find some other commuters as well I'd feel a lot better!

    So, if you're a commuter to UEA, or to anywhere for that matter, I want to hear from you! Maybe we could get a thread going about how long our commutes are, and share some tips. I'm also really interested in getting UEA to start up a commuters society, I think it'd be a lot less daunting if we didn't feel quite so alone!

    Hi, I'm taking a gap year this year and planning to commute to the UEA next year. I think the commuters society is a great idea! I'm worried about the struggle to make friends when not living in halls as I've heard mixed reviews on doing this!
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    (Original post by Sian1819)
    Hi, I'm taking a gap year this year and planning to commute to the UEA next year. I think the commuters society is a great idea! I'm worried about the struggle to make friends when not living in halls as I've heard mixed reviews on doing this!
    Hi Sian! Can I ask where you'll be commuting from? And how are you commuting? I would advise not listening to people who are ridiculously negative about it because the chances are, they've only ever stayed in student accommodation. That said, it is a tough decision.

    I stayed in student accommodation first year, and it was great experience. Being a fresher and a commuter might be a bit tougher than being a second year commuter - you won't be as invested in your course and so when things get tough it might be harder to stick it out, it'll be difficult forging those close relationships which I already have due to first year (which will make moving into accommodation harder if you decide it's too tough), and you might feel like you're missing out on more. But if you put the effort, if you choose to spend more time on campus, joining societies and the like when you're free, the chances are that you'll make a load of really great friends. Depending on how you commute you might even find some kindred spirits on the bus / train / walk. If this doesn't phase you, I would say how you are commuting, how much it will cost, and how long it will take, and how often you need to do it are your only obstacles.

    I'm not going to lie, it takes a lot of dedication and it can be difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning - but the money I'm saving and the fact that I get to stay with my long-term boyfriend, and parents, really makes it worthwhile. At least I feel this way at the moment!

    Hopefully, by the time you're heading to UEA - which is an awesome choice of university btw - we'll have sorted a commuters society and the social side of things won't be half as bad. I'm in the process of getting people to join a facebook group at the moment (UEA Commuters, for future reference), and hopefully the members will be open to it!

    Hi Anna, great to hear from you. I think we just spoke on Twitter too. For the record there's a growing community of environmentally-friendly staff and students at UEA who I'm sure would love to hear about the group you're forming. They're on Twitter at and are always looking for new ways to make commuting easier, and encourage it!
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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