"Farm subsidies: Payment to billionaire prince sparks anger"

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    Interesting this comes out now on the BBC, despite the EU referendum already 3 months passed.

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    The Newmarket farm of Khalid Abdullah al Saud - owner of the legendary horse Frankel - is among the top 100 recipients of EU farm grants in the UK.

    Asked if the Queen thought it appropriate to receive taxpayers' subsidy based on the size of her land holding, a spokesman for the Palace said: "Subsidies are open to all farmers, and are received on the Queen's private estate.

    A spokesman for the Duke of Westminster also declined the question, but said the farm produced quality food while taking the environment very seriously.

    Mr Smart would not comment on complaints that he has been "slipper farming" - a technique in which farmers buy up land principally for the grants attached to it.

    There have been calls for farming subsidy reform when the UK leaves the EU Two ministers in the government's environment department, Defra, receive farm subsidies.

    The spokesman said that in the context of Brexit, all policies were being re-examined, adding: "The secretary of state has underlined the need for continuity for farmers and is looking forward to working with industry, rural communities and the wider public to shape our plans for food, farming and the environment outside the EU." In the Tory leadership contest, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom promised farmers that she would continue farm subsidies.

    The Treasury has already guaranteed direct payments for land ownership until 2020, although to the dismay of conservation groups has not committed to continue funding wildlife protection on farms.

    The Tenant Farmers' Association wants to keep the 3bn total subsidies but split the cash between enhancing the environment, creating infrastructure to develop farm businesses, and public funding to promote British food.
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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