What A Level do I drop?

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    I'm recovering from an appendectomy which has left me unable to go to school for a while, due to the severity of the illness and other complications that came with it. I'm being emailed work from school, but my school have advised me to drop an A Level as I'm currently doing 4 - a hard amount of work to catch up on as well as attending normal classes on a phased return. I've just started to complete some work at home as I'm now feeling a bit better, although my concentration span isn't that long as I get very very tired (still recovering.)

    Currently studying:
    English Language
    Music Technology.

    I'm at a predicament - I don't know which one to drop between English Language and Sociology. I'm not 100% sure of what I want to do when I'm older (is anyone?...), but I'm currently looking at a languages/Spanish degree, or Music Production - for this reason, Spanish and Music Technology are not an option to drop.

    I've thought about the pro's/con's of dropping either, and I can't come to a conclusion, so I thought a second opinion might help in some way, although I know ultimately, it's my decision. A decision I'll have to make relatively quickly.

    English Language:
    -Requirement: Although it's not a subject required for the degrees I am interested in, if I chose to study a language, it would look great if I had two to offer the university as opposed to one.
    -Respected: If I chose not to do a languages degree, English is a very widespread and universally respected subject which I'm sure would benefit me in the future. English is my best subject, I recieved a C at AS Level which is the highest grade I recieved at AS, and I'm pretty sure I could perform relatively well in it.

    -Specification: The AQA specification and my school's choice of teaching mean that the A Level specification this year is mainly focused on child language acquisition - and my school are placing us in preschools for a lot of our course to observe children. I really, really don't like children nor have any interest in them as a subject - if I wanted to learn about it I would've picked Child Development.
    -Motivation: Yes, I could get a fairly good grade, but, I'm already looking at my timetable and thinking "ugh, english", and I'm not sure I'll be motivated enough to study a subject I'm not interested in and hate.

    -Interesting: I'm really interested in the specification for this year's course in Sociology, particularly Crime and Deviance, so I'm never really bored of it, only some of the theory but that seems to be pretty common among students.
    -Career path: Another career that I'd be interested in is within the police or counter-terrorism, or something of that nature. Sociology would be a good base for that, and maybe there's a possibility to travel with it too.

    -Content heavy: Although interesting, the density of the subject is hard enough to process in one lesson and to come away and revise for homework - so to not have been at school for 2-3 weeks, and have to catch up via textbook and notes, as well as attend normal classes and not having been taught the missing content in the style of other stuff I haven't missed, it might mean a drop in a grade and difficulty when it comes to exam revision.
    -Performance: Although I got an A in the mock, I got an E in the final grade of AS Sociology - I know we have to retake the AS exam anyway as the course is linear, but actually, having to revise AS content, make sure the A Level stuff has gone in, and catch up, it's going to be tough.

    So... Continue with an easier subject that I hate, or a dense subject that I like?



    At first glance I'm going to say keep thee easier subject that you hate (English) and drop Sociology..

    Because currently sort of the same page, I'm doing Psychology and the subject is really interesting and I enjoy the learning but it's just difficult to grasp some of the essay structures.

    Drop Sociology.
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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