Brexit and unis - what will be the fallout?

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I'm sure this is something a lot of people on TSR have been wondering about (and discussing) so it would be great to hear your thoughts

A government education committee is going to consider and assess this issue and is calling for students to share their opinions too!!

It will look at how Brexit might impact the reputation of our universities and how they can stay competitive/attract the top students in the global market. EU students and staff who are working here/want to work here will also be discussed, as will British students who may want to work in the EU.

So...What do you think the fallout will be for unis from Brexit? What would you like to see from higher education in a post-Brexit world?

Check out this article from the BBC "MPs to assess impact of Brexit on universities" for more info on the committee etc.
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It'd be the same as if someone wanted to go to university in say America or Australia. We'll develop regulations most likely based on what we have now or on what other countries currently use as regulations like America. Whether that involves sorting out a VISA then so be it, the credentials won't be affected by Brexit. They were well regarded before EU and they'll continue to be afterwards as well. Name:  untitled.png
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Anyone wanting to make a written submission can do so here:

They're welcoming input from students especially on:

  • What protections should be in place for existing EU students and staff
  • The future of the Erasmus+ programme following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU
  • What the Government's priorities should be during negotiations for the UK to exit the EU with regard to students and staff at higher education institutions

So if anyone on TSR has an opinion or thoughts on any of those topics they should definitely put their views forward - otherwise the only submissions received by the committee and therefore influencing the Government priorities for negotiation will be Vice Chancellors and the NUS.

If you're an EU student studying here or a UK student wanting to study in the EU or take part in Erasmus then make your voice heard.

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