Is it even worth it?

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    Hi All. I'm a graduate with about 3 years worth of clinical experience. I volunteer with two charities, work as part of the MDT and I'm currently doing an approved access course (as I have non-science a levels).

    However all this seems worthless as I sat the ukcat today and got a score of just 600 . I'm absolutely gutted as I did so much prep and was doing well on medify and mocks (770+).

    I know I still have a shot at Bristol but I guess I can rule out Newcastle (a101 and a100) and Warwick?

    I'm now considering applying to the medicine with foundation year at Bradford and maybe another foundation programme.

    I'm not sure if it's worth doing the BMAT as I'd struggle to support myself at London universities if I'm also paying fees (but at a push I guess I could make it work?).

    If I can I don't want to waste the year having put so much work in so far, but I don't know if it's worth it and if I still stand a chance for 2017 entry?

    Guess I just want to hear from people in the same boat or other applicants about what you would suggest I do now?

    Sorry for the ramble - it's been one of those days!

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the score you hoped

    If you still have a chance at Bristol (I think they'd love your work ex and volunteering!) then there's still a chance you could get in for 2017. I could be wrong but I don't think the BMAT universities accept access courses? So if this is the case don't waste your money on it. I was looking at Glasgow earlier and I'm sure they say they take the UKCAT into consideration along with other aspects of your application - so might be worth giving them a call?

    King's don't have an official cut off either as far as I'm aware, but again I think your best bet is to call or email them yourself.

    Hope this helps and keep your head up!

    Not all BMAT unis are in London. Not that you necessarily have much of a choice any more lets be honest...

    Also I'm confused by you not seeming to make much of a distinction between A100 and A101 in terms of funding. My understanding was that for graduates A100 is unfunded, whereas A101 was? Or is it that all London A101s use the UKCAT?
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    Thanks for your kind words, thrgreeneyedgirl I've decided it's not the end of the world and that a crappy ukcat doesn't mean I'd be a rubbish doctor, in the same way a top score wouldn't automatically make you a great candidate for medicine. Think it was just a shock tbh. I've spoken to some universities and it seems there is still hope after all and I think I'll give the BMAT a miss!

    Nexttime: I was referring to imperial, UCL and Brighton (the latter of which is so expensive to live in). I was planning to apply for both 4-year and 5-year (more than aware of the funding issues). Yeah, I might have less of a choice overall, but I still have at least four choices to play with.
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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