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    I'm having a slight cash flow problem at the moment as i am getting a scholarship from my course, but have only just realized that i do not get the first installment of it until December. i had counted that into my finances and am now finding myself rather short this term. I have calculated my spending and am realizing there will be a few weeks before my scholarship comes through where i may end up having no money. I figured a credit card would be a good way to tide me over through this time.
    (before people start telling me that credit cards are a bad idea, i assure you that i know what i'm doing and will more than be able to afford to pay back the money i borrow quickly. so please don't rant at me about how credit cards work because that's not what i'm asking. i have a cash flow problem, not a budgeting problem.)
    my issue is that all cards i can find seem to require you to have a regular income, even student credit cards, when surly the majority of students have no regular income (as student loans, bursaries, scholarships and holiday work do not count). i have my account with nat west but when i used the 'see if your likely to be approved' tool, it told me that it was unlikely.
    i have had an overdraft for years and have regularly gone into it and paid it off within the month, meaning i should have a decent credit score.
    i am apprehensive about applying for cards all over the place, as i am told that unsuccessful applications show on my credit report. i am wondering if anyone, in a similar situation, has been approved for a card recently or can offer any advice on what my best bet is for approval. i really do not need to borrow more than a couple of hundred pounds, and i will pay it of within a month, so low credit limit, and high APR are not of particular concern to me. Im just looking for one i am likely to be approved for.

    if it helps i am 22 and live in the uk.
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Updated: September 30, 2016
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