I feel constantly thirst, hungry and with a headache. This is my diet.

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    Can anyone suggest where I may be going wrong.

    I'm 5ft6 and weight 12st6lbs. I do a lot of exercise so have quite defined muscles with wide hips and shoulders. I look a little overweight but quite healthy. When I was 11 stone I looked slim so if I were to lose 2 stone I would be skinny. This is my goal weight.

    I actually have never even attempted to diet as I'm not unhappy with my figure but as I feel constantly tired the doctor suggested I cut out refined sugars and unhealthy carbohydrates (specifically White bread, cake etc).

    So I've done this diet for a few days now and I am losing weight very slowly (2lbs in 2 weeks) but I feel quite ill and so I know I'm going wrong somewhere. This is a typical day for me. Am I eating enough of everything?

    Breakfast: homemade banana and blueberry wholemeal pancake. Basically a tiny bit of butter, half cup
    Of wholemeal flour, blended together with one whole banana and a cup of blueberries. Served with two boiled eggs and a manage and papaya smoothie.

    Lunch: large wholemeal wrap with tablespoon of houmous, mashed butternut squash, slices of grilled chicken and sweet corn. Served with a sweet potato brownie (trust me it's amazing). Which is cocoa powder, egg, sweet potato mash and milk all blended together and baked.

    For dinner I have a large serving of mashed potato (without milk or butter), green veg mixed with lots of peanut butter and homemade beef meatballs.

    Then I have an avocado and cocoa mousse which is just avocado, cocoa and honey blended (again delicious, that me). Haha.

    For snacks I have sweet potato fries with houmous, bowl of yogurt with almonds, bowl of sugar free museli and milk.

    I do a Minimum of one and a half miles of walking a day but it can be up to 5 miles. I average about 2 miles but I walk every single day.

    What's missing? Or is my diet fine.
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    Sorry I meant I've done this diet for a few weeks not days.

    I drink water constantly as well as having cups of tea throughout the day so I definetly get enough liquid.

    You should go to your doctor if you're not feeling ok. He should know what to do.
    If you don't feel ok, just make sure it's not autosuggestion. The first diet can be depressing, doesn't matter how easy it is.
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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