Best foundation you have used?

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    Hey guys I wanted to try a new foundation, any recommendations?

    My favourite is the Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation (it's officially called the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup - very long name lol!)

    It's available in a wide range of skin tones (also takes into account undertones!), I find that it really glides on well to the skin and 1 layer is definitely enough to provide adequate coverage but it's definitely buildable if you prefer more full coverage. It also feels like you're wearing nothing on your skin, very lightweight and doesn't budge at all when set with powder and/or setting spray. For £25 you get a lot of product and definitely more than worth the price!

    Other things I love: Urban Decay is a cruelty free brand, this specific foundation is vegan, all of their packaging is gorgeous, and it comes in an airless pump bottle meaning it lasts longer and is much more hygienic.

    I don't ever go higher end than Superdrug for my foundations because I'm scared of paying loads for a foundation that's the wrong colour, but my favourite foundation is the L'Oreal Infallible 24Hour Matte foundation! It has good coverage, and while it's a tiny bit orange on me, it blends nicely so it's easy to pull it down my neck and make it the right colour. It's a really good, lasting foundation with great coverage - I don't know what the coverage counts as, but it covers up all my redness and acne, so it's sure great for me!
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Updated: September 30, 2016
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