I hate uni, I hate living at home, I hate my family...

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    (Original post by studip)
    Not going to explain myself; it is fairly complicated. I do think my hatred is justified.

    Question is, how do I get out of this house?

    I am 18.
    Hi, I'm sorry to hear you hate those things. Would moving out of home and living at Uni be an option? If you've just started it may not be too late to get a course change.

    (Original post by studip)
    How would I go about that? I am clueless.
    You have the option of seeing if your uni has any uni accommodation left, although that is very unlikely. You can always stick out this year and perhaps transfer university at the end of it; however that means contact unis and doing research into it.

    Clearing may still be open. If it is have a look there and see what courses are available or if you have a uni and course in mind, maybe ring that uni up directly and see if you can change courses?

    Hope things work out.

    Get a job, go to agencies, look online, look for a room - ad in the paper / online ; in HMO, House of Multiple Occupancy or flat share - you may well find that it's hard going though. Not much money and no one cares much about you. You may well need 2 jobs. Look for good employer if possible say clerical work at a University- they will have career opportunities, further training etc, Some towns / cities have hostels specially for young people. Ask friends if they know of anything.

    (Original post by studip)
    Thanks guys

    The problem is I'm not sure what I want to study. If I take university out of the equation temporarily, where can I go?
    Presumably you have no savings. The duty of the authorities to help you reduces dramatically once you become 18. If university isnt an option then you should still contact either

    Citizens advice
    Local housing

    There may be some sort of local charity that deal with young people. They soemtimes have hostels.

    Alternatively you can try and access the benefits sustem so you can rent a room, but it cna be quite hard if you have no money.

    That puts you down into the category of needing to get a job to earn money so you can rent a room. It might help if you discussed with someone (a counselor social worker) your reasons for wanting to leave.

    (Original post by studip)
    I think the best thing to do is get a job and work my ass off over the next few years. I don't think living in a hostel is the nicest place to be so it might make me feel worse and not be worth it.
    Youd be better off going to chat with someone and they cna talk through your options with you. Hard to do over a forum and I cnat tell what your family situation is and what you are willing to do. There are obviously some sensitive issues that would be taken into account during an interview and they would make a difference in assessing your wishes and situation.

    If you have the choice and can just knicle down as you say then you cna just find yourself soemwhere in the private sector room or bed sit and work up from there. It requires money.

    If you were at risk, then you might need to make choices sooner.

    There may be a local housing charity that you cna contact. CAB or Shelter will know.
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