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    I started a university course in 2014 and finished my first year. I then decided in August 2015 to defer for a year due to health reasons. In September this year I moved to another uni to resume my studies as a second year student but had health issues again and decided to defer again for a year couple of days after my enrolment. I would like to know if my tuition loan funding will be affected? I still have two years left (2nd year and 3rd year) and I am not sure if I will be funded for both. I am even considering starting a new 3 years long degree. I thought suspending my studies meant that I won't be charged for the year off and that I still get the same amount of loan funding, so in my case 3 years - my first year of uni + 1 free year. I read online that when you defer you lose a year? Is that true? I was told by my new university that SFE will be notified of the suspension of studies and I won't be charged at all.

    Thank you
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    We would normally only fund 1 repeat so if your universities confirmed you attended part of those years that you then had to leave due to health issues, we still have to include this as previous study. This means we would not fund the next year that you attend but you would still get funding for all future years.

    If you suspended your studies due to health issues you can send us evidence of this and we can consider excluding these years from your funding calculation.

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    Thank you for your reply. In both years I had to suspend my studies I did not attend at all. In the first year (August 2015) i suspended in the summer before applying for SFE for my second year and for the second suspended year (Septemeber 2016) I suspended 2 days after going for my enrolment but before attending any of my classes. The second university said that as long as I suspend within the first 14 days of enrolment I will not be charged at all and any payments made by SFE will be refunded. Does this mean I still have 3 years of funding left? (3 years + 1 gift year - the one year I attended/ my first year)

    Hi there.

    It's not dependent on whether the uni charge you or not, it's dependent on whether they confirm you attended at any point. Partial attendance will still be included as 1 year within the previous study calculation.

    If the Uni advised us of the suspension and specifically stated within the suspension details that you did not attend, then we can exclude this year from the calculation.

    In these cases it's best to call us on 0300 100 0607 so an advisor can check the exact details of the information we've received from the Uni.

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Updated: October 11, 2016
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