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I've had a bad day today. I'm currently on meds for depression and anxiety for the fourth time in my life.

I am looking for another job, and have been since I graduated in January. During this time I have relocated and started another job (which I hate). I've seen a rapid decline in my well-being since. So much so, I've had to seek therapy (a Counsellor) on the NHS.

On Wednesday, I saw a positive shift in my mood as I received a phone call about a job I applied for which I really wanted. The in-house recruitment department said they'd pass my details onto hiring manager, and seemed positive about doing so. She told me a bit about the job, and said that she felt positive about my background and application. Even telling me the interviews would be for the end of next week.

I kind of got my hopes up a bit, since recently I've been having a hard time financially and in my current job I've been bullied and stressed out. I just want to break the cycle.

I felt somewhat relieved as I knew I'd have a first appointment with my counsellor this week, I could explain my bad week to her and hopeful get some help.

Anyhow, I haven't heard anything back from this job and I'm so exhausted from job hunting and stuff that I'm tired. To top it all off, my counsellor cancelled our appointment. So just as I thought things would get better they didn't.

I don't have any friends or a good support network here.
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First things first, why are you up so late lol
And things do get tough sometimes and this universe tests you.. keep trying and do not give up. Persistance is key, it might take you a few weeks/months... the medication that you're taking for your anxiety/depression, are they working? Go out for a walk, 5 times a week for half an hour - hopefully the exercise will improve your mood and please do not get upset over not getting a job, everyone goes through rough patches and remain positive. This time next year you might be in a better financial situation, who knows - don't give up

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