I don't know what I am doing anymore

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    I wanted to became a gastroenterologist so badly last year I still do but I lost my passion towards medicine.Then I found a second passion:fashion and now that seems to have lost its lust as I look through so many catwalk photos and the majority of the clothing are no longer as magical.I feel sad and confused I don't know what I want anymore.I still want to be a doctor but I don't feel as passionate about medicine anymore.

    I am sure plenty of aspiring doctors had those moments where they feel worried and have doubts and question why are they really working so hard doing chemistry if they hate it to only became a doctor and working so hard academically and whether it is worth it and whether they still want it as much as they used to as they feel demoralised by their grades as we all have a week or 2 where things are not going so well and they start to doubt whether it is worth it and whether it is possible.

    I just want to feel motivated and sure of myself.

    You might as well aim for something really worthwhile, a cool-headed decision not controlled by emotion.

    You can alsways have a second interest / hobby so you are not a "one-trick pony".

    Imagine in 10 years when you have just saved someone's life with an operation, you can then advise them on suitable clothing.

    (Original post by NJA)
    You can alsways have a second interest / hobby so you are not a "one-trick pony".
    this helped a lot for me, it can literally be anything, collecting stuff, bird watching, a sport, knitting etc
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Updated: October 1, 2016
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