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    I'm trying to make a decision to which university to choice for next year... the only problem is the course i wanna do doesn't to my knowledge exist... to cut a long story short i want to be a film maker but i dont want to study film practice or studies at university. Instead i want to attack it from a different angle and study the psychology of film, colours or clothing or whether someones hair is long or short makes the viewer feel a certain way towards a character in a film, all of these are different aspects of how the viewer perceives the film itself and this is what i want to study. I have considered studying just psychology but it isnt for me, I'm not interested in the whole range or psychology but only the psychology behind film/art and design in general. So far i havent had any luck finding anything remotely like what i would like to study but hopefully you all will have better luck or alternative ideas? any help out there???

    You're not going to find a psychology course that focuses just on that area at undergrad, or even masters. And tbh there's far more to psychology than preferences.

    You're better off doing a media degree and see if they do a psychology module option in that area.

    You could study media in university and I know they look into theories about audience perceptions of media and various types, then towards your final years focus on the psychological perceptions and base your dissertation on that? Try speak to someone who does media/film in university or attend an open day where you can speak to the teachers and lecturers there and find out more information on how you can cover what you find most interesting and can advise you more on what you can do. Hope this kinda helps and good luckk x

    Definitely go for film/media courses and not psychology. Look into the flexibility of modules in each course and if they have an option for a dissertation then that can be on pretty much anything you like as long as you approach it from an academic point of view.
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Updated: October 2, 2016
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