Oxford Brookes vs Nottingham Trent vs Northumbria vs Newcastle Msc Int. Bus. HELP!

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    Hello everyone,I applied for a Msc International Business degree and have already been accepted to a couple of universities.My problem is that I am an international student and therefore have not too much knowledge concerning the different universities (reputation, quality of teaching, practice-oriented teaching, career support, employability and especially the atmosphere/quality of each city).I looked up a lot of rankings (NY Times, Times Higher Education, Guardian etc.) & blogs, however I think sometimes it is better to hear personal experiences from students.

    Following universities have already made an unconditional offer:

    Kingston University ( dual degree with Boston University). : Msc International BusinessManagement
    Nottingham Trent Uni: Msc International Business
    Northumbria Uni. : Msc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice.
    Oxford Brookes Uni : Msc Business Management (International Business)

    I would preferably like to hear from alumi who graduated in these courses and if you could help explain why I should choose one over another.

    Thanks a lot guys for your help
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    Can anyone please help???

    I have offers from trent and northumbria too. not sure yet...
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Updated: January 4, 2017
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