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    I have my UKCAT on Monday and I really reaaalllyy want to apply for medicine at Edinburgh! However, my QR is extremely dodgy and I never get even half of the questions finished in the allocated time. AR and VR are usually okay, but some go amazing and others I just fail miserably at! Absolutely freaking out!! Any suggestions or help would be seriously appreciated!

    get all your freaking out done now i'm sure you will do fine. I freaked out during mine and ended up with 640 ... my point is being really anxious when you take it will massively effect your score. Edinburgh only weight around 15% to your ukcat so they won't penalise to much if you do badly. Do lots of QR questions but get a good nights sleep. At the test center take a few minutes to just chill and settle your nerves. try to convince yourself it doesn't matter, there's lots of other ways to get into medicine. In the 1 minute reading period between the sections go over the previous questions you got wrong during your previous tests. I'm sure you'll do great, alot better than me. good luck on you future career in medicine.
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Updated: October 1, 2016
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