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Sometimes I feel like a toddler because I have no relationship experience o_O! Watch

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    Hey, I'm a 26 year old woman and I have practically 0 relationship experience.

    My only tiny bit was a 'boyfriend' of 3 weeks when I was 21 who dumped me because he 'was not ready for a relationship.' I asked him out myself and I've never been asked out before on a date or anything more. The last time I even spoke to a guy like texting or whatever was nearly 2 years ago. I asked someone to go to lunch with me a few months again and he said no. My confidence is busted I've cried at least once a week since, so I don't want to ask anyone else.

    I also have very little sexual experience, which doesn't really bother me so much. I'm not after anything casual and I never have been. I do have a lot of sexual urges and stuff but I would like to explore them inside a proper relationship.

    I'm actually getting quite depressed about it and there's not a day that goes past I don't think about it. I feel like a small child sometimes because nowadays it seems even girls 10 years or more my junior have more relationship experience than me.

    I feel like my lack of relationship experience is a massive red flag to any decent guy and as a result will continue the cycle of me possibly being lowered into my grave still having no relationship experience even in old age.

    I feel sad because I've always dreamed of having a family but I feel I may have to kiss that dream goodbye. My own parents were married at my exact age.

    I'm not sure what I'm even asking here, but would anyone be so kind as to give me advice?

    If you're not after anything casual, then you should find someone to build a very good relationship with and go from there. Guys who want casual sex (i.e. myself) often don't want to bother with getting to know a person all too deeply.

    Try to maximize your chances of finding someone by going places such as parties, bars, restaurants, libraries, etc (I know I'm giving you advice that hasn't worked for me, but still).
    Try to notice in a subtle way if a guy looks at you any particular way for a long time (gazes at you), see if he follows you to places.

    It's true, for example, I find lack of relationship experience unattractive, but it's not if you work on it with the guy (which requires quite the understanding between you two).

    Be interesting, have interesting things to talk about, love yourself, have an awesome and exciting life (easier said than done, but it shows value and people are attracted to people with high value).

    Make yourself sexy, maybe a bit of subtle and correct make-up and extra eyelashes, your hair should be beautifully combed and fully flat, with no extra ends that stick out. Smile and be very feminine (at least, I find that attractive), have a strong female identity (not in the feminist way). Females attract males.. in general, make sure that you look and act as female as possible. It's like in general we put up this 'nice' persona to get friends, right? It doesn't mean we're going to be ourselves right away, but we play this little 'attraction' game.

    As a last bit of advice I'll give you a list of 'Indicators Of Interest' from my book on dating science. Try to look for those in a guy and you might just as well have a guy who's interested in you. These are meant for Female-to-Male interest, but just pick out the ones that apply. Pay close attention:


    You should read this book if you want to step it up and get a guy ASAP:


    To be honest, I haven't read the book yet, but I've applied a few principles and if it weren't for those, I would never have had the 5 girlfriends I had.

    I hope you get a decent boyfriend soon!
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