Applying to similar yet different courses?

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    I'm applying to similar yet different courses: Arabic & Politics and Politics and International Relations. (Largely because there are only 2 unis --in my sphere of preference -- that do Arabic & Politics -- St Andrews is a bit prestigious and far away and SOAS is too far away and expensive). I've found that they largely encompass each other and I have quite a bit to say about each:

    > I wish to learn about Middle Eastern culture, history, and politics (and have done quite a bit in terms of political history). Plus, I've talked about Arabic being useful for future career paths.
    > I've talked about my interest in US foreign policy and the US's place in the world for international relations, plus more about the Middle East and Russia, and how our relationship with the US affects what we see in the media.
    > And I've talked about my interest in British politics & the UK's social issues etc and our place in terms of international relations, like with the EU and all that jazz.

    Unfortunately, however, I'm finding it really hard to not name the courses, like I can't say: "I would like to study Arabic because..." or "The relationships between countries interest me because..." because I feel that it's so blatant that I'm applying to different courses. ('Politics' should be okay because both all of them include politics so advantage lol)

    Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about this?
    + If I don't include the course name would that seem too ambiguous?
    + Should I just choose between the two courses to make life easier?

    Hi! I had the same problem with my courses as well (I'm applying for International Management/International Business) and it was hard to get the balance right. I'd focus on the common word that is in both of your courses which is Politics. It's absolutely fine to talk about your preference towards arabic - after all the other course is international relations and Arab Nations play a large role in this as far as I'm aware.

    You don't actually have to mention your course title in your personal statement. Avoiding it is fine and universities understand that you'll be applying for slightly different courses elsewhere

    Also out of interest - what other unis are you applying for you don't have to say if you don't want to
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Updated: October 1, 2016
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