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I am looking into getting an apprenticeship in IT but have no idea of what to do.

I'm 19 and have been doing a basic IT course for the past two years at college, I've got two level 3 diplomas, one in IT user skills and another in ICT professional competence.

Since I handed in my coursework (May) I've been completely lost, unsure what to do and have ignored the problem for the past four months because it was causing me a lot of stress.

Over the past four months I've occasionally looked into what apprenticeships are available and have seen nothing that seemed suitable. I haven't seen any higher IT apprenticeships only advanced.

My questions are;

Is it too late to go back to college for help? Where else could I get help?

I went to the careers advice people just before I left college and they suggested apprenticeships because University just wouldn't work for me. Could they help me anymore?

Is there any specific date for apprenticeships to come up?

I live in Bournemouth, is this just a bad area for IT apprenticeships or am I just not looking hard enough or in the wrong places?

I am completely lost so any help is greatly appreciated, if anyone could just set me in the right direction that would be very helpful.
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There are fantastic IT/Sponsored Degree apprenticeships available nowadays. If I had the chance to go back, I would most definitely of considered doing one. Salaries are higher, training is better and the opportunities are greater.

Since you've already spent 2 years at college, I'm going to assume you want to progress onto something higher. A simple search on Notgoingtouni yields loads of higher apprenticeships, although I'm not sure how many are within a suitable distance for you. (
(check out getmyfirstjob and the governments apprenticeship search)

Don't discount advanced apprenticeships either, especially if they are with a major company as they may lead to further training and a permanent position. Even if you leave, you still have the 'reputation' of working at a major corp which is bound to make you stand out.
Good luck.

hamza ahmad hamzaahmad786 luton hertfordshire

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