Staying local (live with parents) or stay at campus

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    I am 2 minded right now, i want to stay home but then i also want to stay at campus. help me decide!!!!!!!!

    (Original post by Rockyboy)
    I am 2 minded right now, i want to stay home but then i also want to stay at campus. help me decide!!!!!!!!
    It depends on what kind of lifestyle you want. If you want the full university experience of going clubbing, drinking, partying then its usually easier whilst living in halls. If you want peace and quiet then home is usually best, unless the commute would be arduously long.*

    (Original post by Rockyboy)
    I am 2 minded right now, i want to stay home but then i also want to stay at campus. help me decide!!!!!!!!

    It really depends on you as a person! For me personally, my decision was easy. I wanted to move out because I was ready too. There was a part of me that just knew it was time to move out and become independent and live that life by fully submerging myself into it! I couldn't have lived at home.

    If you're on the fence, I'd say just go for it and experience that life style. It's easy to move home if it isn't for you and being honest, for some people, it isn't for them - for others, it's easy and they settle into it straight away!

    Living at home is all grand because you get your own room, in a house you know and love and feel comfortable, you get meals cooked for you and your washing done for you (at least most do) and there isn't the stress of moving but living in halls is fantastic, it's social and you meet new people, you learn life skills and learn how to be independent and surround yourself with people in your situation!

    Good luck!

    Short term decision: stay at uni*

    Long term decision: stay at home.

    I know the loan is less, but by staying at home you are able to squirrel away more money then if you were living at halls (presuming your parents are not charging you). Looking at the SF website, if your outside of london, you get 3k for staying at home, and 3.8k for living outside. Typical uni halls ren of lets say 100 per week for 30 weeks is 3 grand, add on the less food and laundry you will be paying for, and your probably saving around 3.5 grand a year by staying at home (minus any extra costs of an increased commute) Even if you had an extra 5k in commute every year, your still able to save 3 grand a year over going into halls.

    On a 3 year course thats:
    9 grand extra savings by the end of your course)*
    9 grand less debt if you choose to go that way
    9 grand more to spend to help you avoid having to do part-time work, so that you can focus on your studies

    Personally a lot of the graduates I know would kill for 9 grand. thats the deposit on a basic house/flat, or a small amount towards starting a business etc.


    The other bonus to living at home is that it maintains the discipline that you have in your life. Now, this is not for everyone and there are many good students who keep a diciplined lifestyle even whilst at uni. But unfortunatly most do not. There is a reason that student life has the reputation it does, and its fully desereved. Many students revert back to a child-like anarachy in their life, with little order, and just ruled by their social life and minimal study commitments. As a graduate I have watched far to many of my friends (and me) go from being pretty well disiplined hard working school students.. to going crazy at uni.. to having to re-learn and re-train all that deciplin over the first few years after gradation. You hear so many students talk about how hard it is to adjust to life after uni, and the reason is that at uni they revert back to a very teenage style of life. At home however you always have your prarents, a schedule/routine, and a family dynamic, which whilst very subjective person by person, on average I would say its benificial to be at home with them for your studies/diciplin, then being surrounded by students at home.*


    For the satisfaction/social life of it, or the student experiance? sure you cant beat staying in university, and staying at home will never compare. Yes its possible to have a good social life whilst staying at home but it wont be the same.

    For me as a person who graduated a while back, and is now living an adult life, the choice is easy for an adult: Stay at home. But for a young person its not that easy and honestly its such a personal scenario that you just have to make the decision yourself. The only good news is that what ever you choose its easy to swap. You can put your name down to join halls later in the term/year, if you decide home is not good.. and equally you can leave halls and stay at home if you dont like halls.

    Personally if you are completly on the fence and the pratical arguements are not swaying you, then I would suggest going to halls. The first few weeks are quite special, and you can always return. BUT check the contracts propperly. Many have a time where if you leave after a certain date, you have to pay the full amount for that term etc. So make sure you know the date when you could move out buy, and not be screwed financially.*

    (Original post by Rockyboy)
    I am 2 minded right now, i want to stay home but then i also want to stay at campus. help me decide!!!!!!!!
    I'd say live on campus particularly if your more than half an hour away there are many factors to be considered when making this decision:

    1/ Social this is a huge deal at uni you think your social life is important now to quote Bachman Turner Overdive "you ain't seen nothing yet" no two way about it your social life is better if you stay in halls particularly if your in another city to your uni people who live at home fall into two camps from what I've seen either they convince them selves it ok and never move out or they move out in second year feeling they missed out in first year either way it makes it harder to make friends and do things like society spur of the moment nights out (this happens a lot) cinema trips etc. and what if you want to bring a girl back for some "nocturnal athletics" no for your social life and all the things I mentioned and crazy things like this.

    2/ Cost this is far and away the most cited reason for staying at home while i accept if you live in say Portsmouth and you go to Southampton it's going to be cheaper but if your travelling from Reading to Southampton or something then it can workout more expencive even with a student rail card on peak and you will be travelling on peak a lot of the time it was £20 for me to get home when I visited at weekends (well Friday morning I had Thusday and Friday off) prices have gone up since then and if your going in 5 days a week which can happen first year you could be paying more for travel than you would for rent like this

    £20 a day
    20*5 = 100
    £100 a week travel
    £80 a week
    £20 a week
    See it's a considerable saving over a whole year it's a saving of:

    The cost of halls look like this

    While some are quite expensive others you would save serious money on and I've been in a lot of these rooms while some are a little tight none are uncomfortable and the location is to die for so close (like a 2 minute walk) to the center but in a quiet part 10 minuets from the uni through the lovely city parks it's great.

    3/ Your timetable this is always so overlooked because people just don't know until it's too late you can have some pretty brutal days two of the days i had in the first year started a 9 and finished at 7 and I mean with no breaks except for lunch that's 2 11 hour days believe me after that all you want to do it get back to your room the last thing you want to do is sit on a train for an hour.
    In my second year I had a day with a 9 yes 9 hour break oh sure you can study but what you do for the other 5 hours or so. If your on top of your work you really don't need to do much more than 4 hours study or work a day in fact it could harm your study or work after 4 hours you tend to kind of burn out a bit at least i did.

    Then there is the independence thing that does not mean just doing what you want i mean it does but more than that you learn how to take care of your self cook keep healthy etc etc.

    basically if you live at home you might as well still be at collage well that's it really.

    my advice live out
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