How to write a good personal statement for Law?

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    Here's my version of how to structure it, reply below if you would change/add anything:
    First para = short but effective introduction to your PS and YOU.
    Second para = about YOU and LAW, your interest, how do you prove you’re interested, your personal insights, make law personal to you and almost justify your interest in it.
    Third para = extra-curiccular activities/work experience/ further reading you’ve done that relate to LAW.
    Fourth para = v. short para about your other a level subjects and your hobbies (always try to relate back to law)

    I've pretty much finished mine, and this is how I've structured it:

    Snappy opening about why I want to study law + surprising opening sentence to grab attention

    Main reason for wanting to study law + things I've done that have made me think this way + what skills I developed from doing the things + interweave extracurriculars that demonstrate the goodness of my character

    Second reason for wanting to study law + things I've done that make me think this

    Third reason for wanting to study law + things I've done that have made me think this

    Big paragraph on all my A-level subjects and how they prepare me to study law + interweave my opinions on certain laws

    Short 3-line concluding paragraph summarising why I want to study law + memorable ending sentence


    are all worth a read
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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