Anyone Want A Micro 2000 Universal Diagnostic Toolkit For Computer Diagnosing?

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I am a seller on Ebay and I have a few of these kits to sell. They currently sell for £499 plus VAT.

These are the latest kits which include the latest version of the Microscope Software v.12.0 for diagnosing faults on computers and has many more features. Also included is the POST Probe card with both ISA and PCI slots on the same card. This is used to fault find dead PC's when it does not boot during the Power On Self Test routine. Both items come complete with manuals.

To see the entire list of features, go to the Micro 2000 website :-

If anyone is interested in purchasing these kits for almost half the price or would like anymore information please email me at [email protected]

These would be extremely handy for students studying computing or studying to be a computer techninian.
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