Should Euthanasia be legalised?

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    I cherish so many things about this country. I am very proud to reside in a country where democracy is championed, and liberties upheld. In the face of some of the atrocities occurring in the Middle East and Africa to name a few, I consider myself fortunate to take for granted the freedoms which so many would do anything at attain.

    However there is one thing this country lacks, and that I am disappointed for this. That is successive governments continued position on Euthanasia. People who are diagnosed with, and suffer from life-long medical difficulties – either physical or social impairments – should have the right to request an end to their suffering. It should be up to the individual concerned, not the government to decide on this.

    Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg all take a more liberal stance on Euthanasia than the United Kingdom. Their citizens, with the support of a General Practitioner, can elect to end their life in comfort and dignity. They can pass peacefully, surrounded by their loved ones. In the United Kingdom, sufferers who wish to end their despair have a much more limited range of options available. Namely, and most notably: suicide.

    Unlike our more liberal continental friends, genuine suffers, beyond medical help in the United Kingdom who end their own lives are not differentiated from general suicide cases. Instead of dying in warmth, comfort and company, sufferers here are forced to end their lives alone, often affirming their feelings of social exclusion right until their very end. There is also an apparent stigma that has manifested over time towards those who end their lives by their own means. The very phrase “commit suicide” continues to imply that a crime has been committed, despite the decriminalisation of suicide and para-suicide under the Suicide Act of 1961. Often, those who end their own lives are brandished as: weak, unstable and selfish to name a few. This shows no regard for the fact that suffers ending their lives have in the majority of cases done so by reason of rationality, not emotion. It is a decision that is reached after a substantial period of consideration, after the person has realised and accepted they are beyond help.

    I will always argue that if someone is suffering from a medical issue that cannot be treated by pharmaceutical or therapeutic methods that they should have the option to end their suffering in a way which is comfortable, and preserves their dignity.

    DailyMailIsALiar - 2016
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Updated: October 2, 2016
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