Moved into new property. The place is in a state of disrepair.

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    We've moved into a new house on the 1st of October. We found the place extremely unclean and then found the place to be in disrepair. Windows don't close properly leading to the whole house being colder. There are a number of holes in the walls and floor. The kitchen and bathroom is not tiled at all. The mess that has been left everywhere has lead there to be an infestation of cockroaches and mice leaving droppings all over.

    We spoke to the person managing the house and they said they would "spray" to get rid of the cockroaches. They did not give any solutions to the mouse problem. We suggested that the kitchen, etc. needs to be refurbished to which there was a rather uninspired "sure". I am not confident that they will make the necessary repairs to the house to make it fit for habitation. What should we do?

    I think if your house in not up to standard you can complain, I'm not sure who to - perhaps the council? who can require your landlord to bring it up to standard

    it might be a good idea to speak to shelter, they can offer good advice on what to say to your landlord and where to go if that fails
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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